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Free Market, the Irish National Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition La Bienale di Venezia 2018 won widespread acclaim for its exploration of the unique identity of Irish rural towns when it showed in Venice in 2018. Now this ambitious exhibition will travel to four towns in Ireland.

What to expect

An events programme in each town invites you to take part in walking tours, scavenger hunts, vox pop recordings, panel discussions and public lectures. The exhibition includes architectural models, drawings, maps, historical photography, documentary photography, audio soundscapes, and recordings. ‘Free Market News’ a newspaper containing writings on rural towns from 40 expert contributors will be free to take away.

Why this matters

Free Market celebrates the vital role that the public market place has played in the life of rural communities. Small town market places were once the economic and social hubs of rural Ireland. Many of Ireland’s market places have seen their function as a place for exchange and congregation drastically diminished. Many others have surrendered their role as markets and are now used only for car parking. ‘Free Market’ aims to reassert the declining rural market place as a public place of social, political and cultural exchange, central to community debate, banter and cohesion.


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